Season 1, Episode 7 – Some Tuesday in July

Air Date: 22nd June 1991

Written By: Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Directed By: Anita Addison

Guest Stars:
Philip Brown (D.C.)
Lewis Dauber (First Person)
I.M. Hobson (Mr. Pilsner)
Mark Hutter (Dr. Eisenberg)
Lenny Wolpe (Dr. Reinholdt)

Georgie is not prepared for the situation fate suddenly bestows upon her. Her youngest son, Evan, is diagnosed with leukemia. Georgie and husband, John, begin a constant vigil at the hospital. Her three sisters, Alex, Teddy and Frankie, rally to her side to support her, although Teddy has plans to leave town. Within days, she does. Evan has a good chance of recovery, but there is a long battle ahead for him. Alex, Teddy and Frankie worry in private, because Georgie hasn’t given in to her feelings, instead, remaining stoic and in control. After Evan undergoes his first dose of chemotherapy, John sings to Evan, who is cradled in his arms, fast asleep. For the first time since her ordeal began, Georgie finally lets herself break down. As her sisters Alex and Frankie comfort her, Teddy comes running down the hall to join them. She’s not leaving after all.