Season 1, Episode 6 – Deja Vu, All Over Again

Air Date: 15th June 1991

Written By: Eric Overmyer

Directed By: Arlene Sanford

Guest Stars:
Roy Fegan (Tony Jennings)
William Jackson (Minister)
Cristian Letelier (Cop)
Stephen Mendel (Dr. Simmons)
Robert Nadder (Jeweler)
Raymond Singer (Dr. Larwin)
Tuc Watkins (Brad)
Erica Yohn (Mrs. Margolis)


Frankie is finally getting her fondest wish – she’s marrying Mitch. Alex has decorated her house for the big event, but Teddy has refused to attend, claiming it will be too painful. The guests start arriving, expressing the feeling that they’ve done this before. Just as Frankie and Mitch begin their vows, they are interrupted by Teddy who is drunk and wielding a shotgun. Not realizing it’s loaded, she blasts two holes in Alex’s ceiling as the wedding party ducks for cover. As they try to put together the pieces of their day, Frankie informs Mitch that she can’t go ahead with the wedding.