Season 1, Episode 5 – Of Mice and Women

Air Date: 8th June 1991

Written By: Diana Gould

Directed By: James A. Contner

Guest Stars:
Cliff Bemis (Fred Tuttwyler)
Hildy Brooks (Didi Poncell)
Doug Franklin (Ralph)
Bruce Gray (Wesley Picard)
Will Kepper (Repo Man)
Nina Mann (Lila Tuttwyler)
Sarah Simmons (Saleswoman)
Lisa Williams (Woman)


Georgie has always been quiet and timid, but since her husband, John, has been out of work, she’s forced herself to speak up more at the office. Consequently, she now faces the awesome task of having her boss come to the house for dinner. At the outset, the evening lurches toward disaster. It’s oldest sister, Alex, sobbing because her plastic surgeon husband, Wade, has left her. Then Frankie arrives to inform everyone that Teddy’s ex-husband, Mitch, has just asked her to marry him. Teddy, who has just arrived, is shocked because Mitch just spent the night with her. In the midst of this, Georgie carves the stuffed goose and finds her son’s missing pet cooked inside. Later, as they all share a pizza, Georgie is given a promotion by her boss, who figures that anyone able to handle such an evening would have no trouble managing a busy, high-pressure office.