Season 1, Episode 4 – Devoted Husband, Loving Father

Air Date: 1st June 1991

Written By: Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Directed By: Jan Eliasberg

Guest Stars:
William Converse-Roberts (Bingo)
Tamar Cooper (Sauna Lady)
Jonathan Emerson (Collegiate Bingo)
Eddie Fontaine (Franco)
Lorry Goldman (Stu Zimmer)
Stanley Grover (Dr. James Reed)
Diane Ladd (Isabelle Ruth Aderlee)
Nancy Lenehan (Joy Zimmer)
Joyce Van Patten (Belle Aderlee)


On the one-year anniversary of their father’s death, the Reed sisters gather at his gravesite to honor his memory. They arrive in time to see a mysterious woman place red roses on their father’s grave. The mystery woman turns out to be Dr. Reed’s loving nurse of many years. When Frankie presses for further details, the nurse refuses to talk, suggesting she ask her mother for the story. Over the protests of her sisters, Frankie confronts her mother. She answers the question by reading a letter their father left behind, which explains that for thirty years he and his nurse had a relationship that extended beyond the office. Later, as the girls sort through their mixed feelings, they decide to remember their father as a loving parent, who happened to be very human as well.