Season 1, Episode 3 – A Thousand Sprinkles

Air Date: 25th May 1991

Written By: Eric Overmyer & Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Directed By: Steven Robman

Guest Stars:
Cliff Bemis (Fred Tuttwyler)
Jan Gan Boyd (Waitress)
Hildy Brooks (Didi Poncell)
Lois De Banzie (Dr. Faith Newton)
Bruce Gray (Wesley Picard)
Robert Neches (Harvey Sanderson)
Deborah Strang (Rita)
Tuc Watkins (Brad)
Kathryn White (Saleswoman)


Leaning heavily on Frankie’s guilty conscience, Georgie convinces her to hire Teddy at her office. Teddy reluctantly accepts an entry-level position, but soon finds it intolerable to have her younger sister boss her around as well as date her ex-husband. When the office has a computer malfunction, Teddy gets blamed and fired. Once the source of the problem is discovered, Frankie realizes she has accused the wrong person. Ashamed for being so judgmental, she offers to hire Teddy back. Teddy has already found a new job, but she accepts Frankie’s apology and, in a burst of sisterly goodwill, offers to help her restore the computer data.