Season 1, Episode 2 – 80%

Air Date: 18th May 1991

Written By: Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Directed By: Robert Butler

Guest Stars:
Mark Patrick Gleason (Young Wade)
Charles Hutchins (Bellman)
Myrna Niles (Mrs. Christian)
Jody Price (Sauna Lady)
Sidney Getz (Robert Costanzo)


While planning her fifteenth anniversary party, Alex secretly hires a private investigator to see if her husband, Wade, is having an affair. Teddy and her teenage daughter, Cat, have moved in with Georgie and her family. Alex asks Georgie to go with her to a hotel room where the private detective last saw Wade. Georgie and Alex find Wade, alone and dressed in women’s lingerie. Alex spends the night with her slightly alcoholic mother, then decides to go through with the party and leave Wade afterwards. But Wade tells Alex he still loves her and asks her to reconsider.