Sisters Georgie

Georgie (Georgiana Reed Whitsig) was played by Patricia Kalember. She is the 3rd oldest of the 4 sisters and was portrayed at the down-to-earth and responsible one. She is a stay at home mom, occasional real estate agent, and wife of unemployed John. She has 2 sons – Trevor and Evan. Evan is diagnosed with Leukaemia in season 1 and in season 2 after he recovers, Georgie agrees┬áto be a surrogate mother for sister Frankie who cannot have children.

Georgie gives birth to Thomas George in season 3, but struggles to see him as her sister’s child.

In season 4, Georgie’s son Trevor rebels and is sent away to a boarding school for troublesome teenagers, but he later runs away from the school. His disappearance sends Georgie into depression as she sees herself as having failed as a mother, and she contemplates suicide. His disappearance also causes a strain in her and John’s relationship, and they end up separating, but later reconcile, and Trevor later returns.

In season 5, Georgie starts seeing Dr Caspian – a therapist, and they begin an affair after he manipulates her into believing that she was molested by her father. Georgie leaves John for him, believing that he loves her only to realize that he had been manipulating her.

In season 6, Georgie starts studying psychology at grad school, where she meets Brian, a 24 year old student, and they begin a relationship. She later writes her college thesis about her sisters, angering them. The season ends with her seeing John again at her mum’s memorial service. She ends up breaking up with Brian in the hopes of reconciling with John.