Sisters Frankie

Frankie (Frankie Reed Margolis) was played by Julianne Phillips. She was the youngest of the 4 sisters, and was portrayed as the career-minded workaholic sister.

The show begins with Frankie in a relationship with Mitch – the ex-husband of her older sister Teddy. Teddy returns from California and is not best pleased, but Mitch and Frankie later get engaged. When the wedding day arrives however, the ceremony is disrupted when Teddy shows up with a shotgun, and Frankie and Mitch eventually break up.

In season 2, Frankie decides to invest in Mitch’s fish market, and while they’re at City Hall processing the paperwork, they decide to elope! Frankie later finds out that she is not able to have a baby, so asks her sister Georgie to be a surrogate for her and she agrees.

In season 3, Georgie gives birth to Frankie’s son – Thomas George. Frankie and Mitch end up getting divorced later in the season though and end up fighting over custody of Thomas.

In season 4, Frankie quits her executive job and buys local diner Sweet Sixteen.

Frankie ends up moving to Japan in season 5 after creating a character called Cowletta. Children fall in love with the character, and it results in Frankie moving to Japan to manage the character.

Frankie returns to Winnetka in season 6.