Sisters Alex

Alex (Alexandra Reed Halsey Barker) was played by Swoosie Kurtz. She was the oldest of the 4 sisters, and was portrayed as the wealthy, more snobbish one. Alex started the series married to Wade Halsey – a doctor and cross-dresser. The marriage ended in season 2 following her discovery that he had been having an affair with a previous patient.

Alex is diagnosed with breast cancer in season 3, and while joking about her illness during a stand-up comedy show, she gets offered a role hosting a talk show.

While hosting the talk show, she meets Big Al Barker in season 4 when he decides to sponsor her talk show, and they begin dating soon after. He later becomes her 2nd husband, but gets arrested for tax evasion on their wedding night.

In season 5, Alex is approached by Truman (the 2nd husband of her mum Beatrice) who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He gives her a video tape with a message from him asking her to help him end his life when his illness becomes more advanced. Alex obliges and helps him to end his life. She is arrested for this, but is later released as the judge who tries the case is terminally ill.